CT PE Clinical Decision Rule - Well's Criteria '; echo '

Wells score for PE: '.$wellscore.'

'; if($wellscore>4){ echo 'Score > 4. PE likely. Consider diagnostic imaging.'; }else{ echo 'Score 4 or less. PE unlikely. Consider D-dimer to rule out PE.'; } //$considerCT='do CT'; // echo '

CODE: '.$heartCode.$priorCode.$hemoptysisCode.'-'.$malignancyCode.$immobCode.$signsCode.$likelydxCode.'-'.$ddimerNumber.'

'; echo '

CODE: '.$heartCode.$priorCode.$hemoptysisCode.'-'.$malignancyCode.$immobCode.$signsCode.$likelydxCode.'

'; echo '

If requesting a CT, clearly transcribe above code to CT requisition.'; echo ''; }else{ //echo "

code: ".$considerCT; ?>

Please fill out the following. Once complete copy the access code onto your requisition:

Prior History of DVT or PE:

PE is #1 Diagnosis, or Equally Likely:


Clinical Signs and Symptoms of DVT:

Malignancy w/ Treatment within 6 months, or Palliative

Immobilization, at least 3 days, or Surgery in the Previous 4 weeks:

Heart Rate > 100:

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This is an academic exercise between FHA Emergency Medicine and Medical Imaging and in no way should supercede your professional medical judgement.