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Published on Nov 11, 2014
Last modified on Oct 31, 2018

New GE VScan Extend Handheld US for Code Blues at RCH and ERH!

VScan Extend 1

Thanks to the generous donation of the ERH and RCH Foundations, we now have a handheld portable ultrasound at both sites to bring to code blues in the hospital. The GE VScan can provide rapid information for critically ill patients right at their bedside. Some typical uses include:

  • Cardiac arrest: is there organized cardiac contractility?
  • Is there a pericardial effusion?
  • Is there free abdominal fluid?
  • Is there a pneumothorax?
  • What is the patient's volume status?


  • The VScan will be located in the safe in the ACR suture room
  • Code to open safe is the same as the eye room cupboards


  • Location is TBD

It is the physician's responsibility to bring the ultrasound to and back from the code blue!

Please be sure to charge the device during storage so it can be used for subsequent codes!


Here's a few tutorials below:

Battery and Power




Probe Presets and Transducers