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Welcome | Our Newest Emergency Physicians







Please welcome the following new emergency physicians, starting in 2017


Dr. Camila Guan - ER Staff

Hi everyone! My name is Camila Guan, feel free to call me Cami:) I'm so excited to be a part of this amazing group! I grew up in East Vancouver and am a UBC-lifer, having completed all of undergrad, med school and residency in Vancouver. My spare time is filled with watching movies, seeking out good food and travelling. I'm on a constant hunt for new R&B, hip hop and rap. I have an interest in Medical Education and can't wait to get involved in different educational initiatives with our awesome team! 






Dr. Laura Chng - ER Staff

Hi everyone, I’m Laura, a recent graduate from the UBC emerg residency program. I also completed med school at UBC after a several-year stint working on international health projects overseas and receiving my MPh from the London School in the UK. I have an interest in sports med and completed my fellowship at UBC last year. Outside of work I love back-country skiing, cycling, watching F1, reggae, road-tripping, and all things west coast. Super stoked to join the team! 






Dr. Wayne Choi - ER Staff

Wayne here! I did med school at UBC, then my residency out at McGill. Super excited to be back in town and be part of the RCH/ERH crew! I'm involved in innovation and technology (developed an U/S logging app last year), and have also done a lot of sim over the years, both of which I'm looking forward to continuing. Outside of work, I'm into discovering great food and drinks, board games, photography, and skiing/snowboarding (yes, the icy east coast got me back onto skis!). Looking forward to meeting and working with everyone, and grabbing a bite along the way! 








Dr. Kaitlin Stockton - Locum

I grew up on Vancouver Island and spent 10 years living in Banff, Calgary, and Toronto before moving back to BC in 2014 to complete a Family Medicine-Emergency Medicine residency. I also work at Lion’s Gate Hospital and my professional interests include healthcare management and quality improvement. I spend my free time hiking, trail running, biking, skiing, and generally enjoying being back in beautiful BC. Looking forward to working with all the great people at RCH and ERH! 






Dr. James Handel - Locum

Hello everyone! I grew up in Burnaby, and completed med school and family medicine residency at UBC. I moved to Calgary in 2013 to complete my R3 EM year, and have been working here since. Our family is growing with a second child due this fall, so we are moving back to Coquitlam to be closer to family and friends. I rotated through RCH/ERH during residency and really enjoyed the medicine and the people, so I’m really looking forward to joining the team! When not working, I’m often running, playing hockey, or traveling, and my newest project is learning Spanish. 








Dr. Kate Gushulak - Locum

Hello! I am originally from North Bay, Ontario and went to medical school in Ottawa. I completed residency at Western University and then worked for a few years in London, Ontario. My partner recently finished his training in Pathology and so we have relocated to Vancouver - his hometown. My professional interests include medical education and point of care ultrasound. I look forward to working with the group and exploring this beautiful province!