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Drug Overdoses at Local Electronic Dance Music Festivals




On July 2, 2013, Dr. Adam Lund was interviewed on CKNW's Simi Sara Show to discuss "Molly" (a.k.a MDMA/X and the like) at music events. During a recent electronic dance music festival in Washington, a 21 year old man died and roughly 50 more were transported to local hospitals with heat related illnesses and possible drug overdoses. The temperature was roughly 35 degrees and approximately 25,000 spectators a day attended this two day event.


Overcrowding a hospital-wide concern

Location, location, location.


It's a maxim most frequently used in real estate, but in the case of Royal Columbian Hospital's emergency ward, it's not too far off the mark.

"The emergency (ward) has to maintain a priority for emergency situations," said Dr. Adam Lund. "It's not the right place for in-patients."

Lund and his fellow ER doctors gave a letter to hospital administration earlier this week indicating that, as of next Wednesday, patients who have been seen, admitted and are effectively on hold for a spot in another area will no longer be housed in ER beds while they wait for a bed.

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Royal Columbian Hospital's Emergency Department Takes Over Tim Hortons

During the February 28, 2011 evening shift, the Tim Hortons restaurant at Royal Columbian Hospital unofficially became known as the Tim Hortons Unit.