Royal Columbian Hospital and Eagle Ridge Hospital

2015 - 2016 Presentations

2015 - 2016

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June 22

Dr. Kevin O'Riordan, R1

"Laryngospasm in the ED"

Dr. Mario Francispragasam, R5 - Presentation not available

"The Worst Doctor Ever" 

Dr. Jag Ubhi

"Gynecologic Emergencies"



May 25

Dr. Andrei Karpov, R3

“Managing the agitated and violent patient”

Dr. Margaret Zhang, R3

“Management of Spontaneous Intracerebral Hemorrhage”

Dr. Jon Braunstein

“I hurt my wrist but I didn't FOOSH”

Dr. Pearlly Ng

“I couldn't see the zebra: humility in the ED”

Dr. Janice Wong

“Into Thin Air”

Dr. Cimi Achiam

“More Than Just A Sore Throat”


April 27

Dr. Jess Paul, R3

"The New Pressors on the Block"

Dr. Charles Stringer, R3

"Ultrasound for Cardiac Arrest:  past, present, future"

Teaching Award

Presented by Drs. Nicolle Holm & Wesley Jang (R4's)

Herb Parkin Award

Presented by Dr. Caroline Tyson

Dr. Les Vertesi

"Getting Here from There:  The incredible story of the BC Ambulance Service and RCH"


March 23

Dr. Ben Tuyp, R2

"Imaging Pitfalls in the ED:  Scan or Scram?"

Dr. Kelsey Innes, R3

"The Treatment of Salicylate Overdose"

Dr. Justin Ahn

"Challenging the Dogma:  Is Old School the Best School"

February 24

Dr. Trevor Skutezky, R1

“Approach to the bleeding patient on DOACs in the ED”

Dr. Josh Koczerginski, R3

“Suicide Risk Assessment in the ED

Dr. Joseph Ip

“Practical Dermatology”


January 27

Dr. Paola Camorlinga, R1

"Iron Overdose"

Dr. Wesley Jang, R4

"Feri Bhetaula" - We Shall Meet Again - Nepal"

Dr. Anitha Moodley

"Neonatal Emergencies Presenting In The First Week Of Life"


November 25

Dr. Rachel Lim, R2

"Down in the garden shed:  Pesticide Poisoning"

Dr. Margaret Zhang, R3


Dr. Nigel Aspinall

"Introduction to the Science of Quality Improvement"


October 28

Dr. Adam Thomas, R3

"Your job is killing you:  the ill effects of shift work and what to do about it"

Dr. Lindsay Cohen, R5

"Selected Topics in Capacity and Consent"

Dr. Rob Cheyne

"How Doctors Think"


September 30

Video of this Rounds session can be found here