Royal Columbian Hospital and Eagle Ridge Hospital

Mass Gathering Medicine Elective

Dr. Sam Gutman and Dr. Adam Lund are ER physicians and are involved in organizing and providing medical care for events and mass gatherings in BC. Since 2008, residents have been participating as physicians with the medical teams for numerous events. A formal application was made to the residency program directors to participate and that application was approved.

Having recognized the value of this formal educational experience, it is our intent to offer this learning opportunity to additional resident physicians and medical students at UBC. The following outline describes both a longitudinal formal EM residency elective in Mass Gathering Medicine for FRCPC EM residents as well an opportunity for CCFP(EM) and other residents to participate. We propose that participation on the medical teams for various events be considered as equivalent to an ER shift and that EM residents receive credit toward their shift requirements and that they be excused from duty to attend these events. For non-EM residents, they be offered the opportunity to participate in these events as “electives at large” that are appropriately supervised by UBC faculty, but not specifically counted toward work requirements. Additonally, a formal longitudinal elective block in Mass Gathering Medicine be offered for EM residents.

For more information, visit the MGM Interest Group and the BC Emergency Network.