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How To Set Up Clinical Experiences At RCH/ERH

Thanks for your interest in our site!  We are keen teachers and have a large number of learners rotating through our sites each block.  Unfortunately, we have more demand than supply, so we cannot accommodate all the applications we receive.  However, we do our best.  


This page is meant as a starting point if you are thinking about asking for an elective with us.

Some contact information:


Dr. Caroline Tyson, Education Director and Postgrad DSSL:

Dr. Dan Wong, Assistant Education Director and Undergrad DSSL:

Ms. Kerrie Lewis, Program admin:


UBC Med students

Junior Med students

-       you may contact us directly to arrange a few shadow shifts, see contact info above 

Senior Medical Students

-       electives are organized centrally

-       if you wanted an elective at RCH but couldn’t get one, and you’re interested in our Fraser Site EM program, we are happy for you to contact us to hear more about the program/set up a shadow shift etc.


Junior Medical students from out of province or out of country 

-       typically, you would already have identified a preceptor

-       You and your preceptor contact Drs. Tyson and Wong, and we will help you arrange the rest

-       In order to have patient contact, you must have a license from the BC college.  Prerequisites/further info can be found here:


-       there is a very strict 6 week deadline to arrange this


Senior Medical students from out of province or out of country

-       Senior Canadian medical students arrange electives through UBC

-       Again, if you’re an EM keener and are interested in our program, but couldn’t get an elective with us, please feel free to email if you’d like to meet us/arrange a shadow shift/see our site.  We know it’s hard to get electives with us… we try very hard to make it happen but it’s difficult and not entirely in our control!!!!

-       Senior out of country medical students follow this process too.  Please be advised that we accept these applications on a case-by-case basis, as we are very full and so cannot accommodate everyone



Resident Electives

UBC Residents – typically organized through your home program, if you need help, please email us directly. 

Out of province Residents – please approach us directly