Royal Columbian Hospital and Eagle Ridge Hospital

Rotations & Electives

We are one the busiest emergency departments in BC and in Canada, seeing about 75,000 patients per year at this site. We have close to 50 full-time specialty trained Emergency Physicians who spend 2/3 of their time at RCH and 1/3 of their time at Eagle Ridge Hospital (ERH). We see a mixture of adult and pediatric patients, and a high volume of acute trauma. Our nursing staff is very experienced and is a valuable resource, if you listen to what they have to say. We have LPNs who do all our casting and splinting who will be happy to teach you these skills, if you ask.

How To Set Up Clinical Experiences At RCH/ERH

Thanks for your interest!  We are keen teachers and have a large number of learners rotating through our sites each block.  We do our best to accommodate all applications but unfortunately, we have much more demand than supply.  

Parking at RCH - Effective February 20, 2017

There are several options at RCH for both monthly and daily paid parking.

Skytrain & Directions

Some of our residents choose to live downtown, reaping all the benefits of city living, yet training at a hospital with far less competition for learning opportunities.  RCH is located in New Westminster which is only a 30 minute drive or skytrain ride from downtown Vancouver.  ERH is located in Port Moody which takes roughly 25-30 minutes from downtown Vancouver, traveling along the beautiful Barnet Highway.  Both RCH and ERH are accessible via Skytrain.  

Mass Gathering Medicine Elective

Dr. Sam Gutman and Dr. Adam Lund are ER physicians and are involved in organizing and providing medical care for events and mass gatherings in BC. Since 2008, residents have been participating as physicians with the medical teams for numerous events. A formal application was made to the residency program directors to participate and that application was approved.