Royal Columbian Hospital and Eagle Ridge Hospital

Our Residents


Dr. Ben Millar

Born in Ontario, Ben traveled much of North America before putting down roots in Portland, Oregon. Despite being a quick convert to the Oregon Ducks fan club, he moved to Vancouver to pursue Alpine Ski Racing at UBC while studying for his undergraduate degree in Cell Biology and Genetics. At UBC Medical School, he put his skills as a social butterfly to good use arranging sponsorship for the Medical Undergraduate Society as well as social engagements for his fellow students.  In summer, he leaves his spandex ski suit in the closet and populates mountain hikes, baseball diamonds, and squash courts with his perfectly coiffed hair.

Ben was drawn to Emergency Medicine due to its high level of acuity, variety of patients, and combination of medicine and procedures. His love of the mountains, outdoors, and sports have fostered an interest in Wilderness and Sports Medicine, which he plans to pursue concurrent with his Emergency Medicine training. He is especially excited to be spending the upcoming years learning from and working alongside the fantastic physicians in the RCH Emergency Department. Royal Columbian offers high acuity with a large volume of Trauma and many of the EPs function as trauma team leaders. Despite the high volume, Royal Columbian maintains a community feel. The ER physicians have a large scope of practice which provides a perfect environment to train. Finally, Ben would be remiss if he didn't mention the fantastic Royal Columbian Resident's Lounge with juice included. 

-Written and produced by Kevin O'Riordan


Dr. Kevin O'Riordan

Kevin was forged in Victoria balancing his time between kayaking, hiking, and playing the violin in front of thousands. Struggling to come to grips with the large percentage of socks and sandals per capita, he headed East to Kingston for his undergraduate degree in Life Sciences. Realizing he couldn't live without the ability to step outside and start a hike he returned to BC for medical school. Aside from studying, Kevin spent most of his time exploring the outdoors, leading a global health project in Uganda, tearing ACLs, recovering, and running marathons. Also known to track a Whistler forecast to the hour, Kevin loves to ski. Emergency Medicine attracted Kevin because of the high acuity and variety of patient presentations. From his first emergency shift as a fresh-faced, long-haired medical student, he was hooked on the atmosphere, the collegiality, and the excitement at RCH. Additionally, he stays close to his fellow R1 Ben, though the trauma, scope of practice, and staff areas of interest/expertise all played a role in his decision.  The community hospital feel coupled with the most trauma in the province sealed the deal.  At this early point in his career, aside from a full clinical practice in Emergency Medicine, Kevin is looking to pursue his interest in Global Health.

-Written and produced by Benjamin Millar



Dr. Shayla Behrens

Born in Southern Alberta and raised on the shores of Quadra Island, Shay spent her summers exploring British Columbian coastlines and working as a deckhand on her grandfather's commercial fishing boat. When her family settled in Victoria, she discovered her competitive side; soccer, basketball and volleyball were just a few of her outlets. Her parents were delighted when she decided to go to Uvic to complete her undergraduate degree and to play for the women’s soccer team. In her final year she was selected to play for Canada at the FISU tournament. Her childhood dream of wearing the Canadian jersey came true. With her undergraduate degree behind her she traded in her cleats for a backpack and set off to see the world. She backpacked across South East Asia, Europe, and Australia, then set up shop in Tanzania where she worked in a women’s clinic. On the weekends she explored the Serengeti, Zanzibar and eventually walked her way to the top of Kilimanjaro. As fate would have it, she was forced to cut short her adventures, returning to BC to start medical school.

Medical school was humbling and full of self discovery. She started out as green eyed, bushy tailed first year with a thirst for orthopaedics, only to realize by third year that Emergency Medicine was the true promised land. Blessed to have mentors at the Royal Columbian Hospital who provided support, endless teaching opportunities, life lessons, and colourful commentary along the way, it was no surprise that RCH was her first choice for residency.

Dr. Adrianna Rowe

Adrianna was born in the metropolis of Newmarket, Ontario. She grew up mastering paint-by-number canvases, playing team sports and never believing in the Leafs. Her enthusiasm for physiology and pharmacology led her to Western University, where she played for Western’s ultimate frisbee team and somehow completed her bachelor's degree too. Eager to flee Ontario, she packed up and moved out west to Calgary for medical school. Deciding that mountains weren't enough, she crept further west to UBC to enjoy both mountains and the ocean.In her spare time, Adrianna enjoys cooking, exploring the outdoors and challenging other countries to games of Ultimate Frisbee. Unlike the rest of her RCH cohort, she is not a talented skier (to the major disappointment of Dr. Tom Green). She looks forward to sticking out like a sore thumb on ski trips.The exciting, fast pace of emergency medicine hooked Adrianna early in medical school. No one knows who or what will come through the ED doors, and the endless variety proved to be compelling and challenging. Her academic interests lie in sports medicine, medical education and toxicology.RCH was an easy choice for residency. The wide scope of practice, high acuity and collegiality at RCH makes it an unbeatable option. As the first non-UBC trained resident to infiltrate the program, Adrianna is thrilled to have the opportunity to train with this extraordinary team and call RCH home.



Dr. Andrew Guy

Hailing from rural Metchosin on Vancouver Island, Andrew has soared through life at a pace far exceeding the slow drift of island life. Starting as a volunteer coastguard in the rough Pacific was his first introduction to lights and sirens but this quickly progressed to paramedicine with St. John Ambulance - running first-aid at community events. With land and sea covered, all he needs is air rescue experience to reach his goal of being the direct line when anyone calls 9-1-1. So far BC Ambulance has not responded to his inquiries. Medical school at UBC was just a thin screen door in the way of a career in Emergency Medicine, a natural extension of his experience so far. With academic interests ranging from ECMO to Ultrasound, time will tell where his career will take him. RCH being a playground for excessive hands-on opportunity in any domain you want made it an obvious pick for residency! 

Work aside, Andrew picked EM to allow his outdoor interests to continue to be a big part of his life. If ski exploration was possible all year round we likely wouldn’t see him wearing anything but his snazzy one-piece snowsuit. Hiking & camping occupy another chunk of time which fits in well with the UBC group as a whole. It seems like fate that he matched with great friend and CRACKCast colleague Riley who was with him all along the CaRMS tour! Join us! 

-Written and produced by Riley Golby

Dr. Riley Golby

As many of us on the 2017 CaRMS tour know, Riley's real goal in life was not to be a doctor, but to make the world's best cup of coffee. But alas, it was not until the summer after he had already matched to medical school that his discovered his talent for the brew. As such, he settled for being UBC EM's new resident coffee connoisseur, in addition to his many other talents. Growing up in Tsawwassen with BC ferries in the distance, and undergrad and medical school at UBC, Riley is BC born and bred. Between always having the right answer at academic days, attending all the RCH codes, and having the neatest Evernote you'll ever have the pleasure see, Riley somehow finds time to golf, lead his team to soccer championships, and host awesome BBQ's. He's always one to try something new, and always has an organized approach to his new ventures. Inquire about Riley's hidden interests and you'll be continually amazed by this renaissance man, whether he's surfing in Tofino, crafting intricate woodwork as a closet carpenter on post-call days, or trekking for weeks in the remote Himalayas, he's always got another great story, if you ask! Riley is one of the most dedicated people you'll ever meet, whether it's Friday date nights with his lovely wife, working on podcasts pre-shift at 5am, or sticking to his healthy diet while Andrew eats junk food and drinks beer all day. Riley continually finds other off-service staff offering him transfer positions in their programs because of his stunning suturing on surgery and endless problem lists on CTU. While tempting, he's already drunk the Kool-aid, and always feels most at home in the ER. Riley chose RCH for the awesome staff and residents, established but flexible program, amazing group of R1 interns, and endless opportunities for helping sick patients, on-service or off. With his good friend Andrew joining him as the new R1's rounding out the full 'Fraser Bunch', he can't wait to see who will join our goofy family next year!

-Written and produced by Andrew Guy



Dr. Michelle Chuang

Michelle was born and raised in Vancouver, where she spent much of her youth playing the piano and countless video games. After briefly entertaining the idea of being a firefighter—a dream quickly shattered when she learned how much firefighting gear weighs—she started an undergrad at UBC with absolutely zero idea what she wanted to do. She aimlessly stumbled through that undergrad and was eventually faced with one of the toughest decisions of her life: living it large as a software engineer in the San Fran Bay Area or as a medical student in Kelowna. She indulged in a few brief stint at a little-known company called Google before finally turning in her tech lifestyle for a stethoscope. Fast forward a few years, and she ultimately found her calling in the fast-paced atmosphere of an emergency department.

While she is a bit sad to leave behind the hot Okanagan summers and abundance of wineries, Michelle is thrilled to be training alongside the fantastic emergency physicians and residents at RCH, not to mention the exposure to high acuity and the countless learning opportunities. She is equally thrilled to be moving back to Vancouver, where she can continue her pursuit for Instagram-able foodie moments and return to being an almost-but-not-really regular at The Hive.

Dr. Brendan Arnold

Brendan was born in rainy Vancouver, BC, and after a brief stint in New Zealand grew up in Campbell River on Vancouver Island. He grew up playing soccer and the violin while making Mount Washington home during the winters where he was a member of the freestyle ski club.

Uvic became his new home during his collegiate years where he studied biology and psychology focussing in particular on mouse brains (never again!). After a victory lap at Uvic, and some time in Calgary, he explored the far reaches of South East Asia before starting medical school at UBC.

Medical school was a wild ride of self-discovery. Very quickly in 3rd year, he discovered an interest in acute care medicine. The collaborative and fast-paced environment of the emergency department was exciting and alluring. He also developed a passion for Global Health after participating in a Sickle Cell screening initiative in Nepal. This type of work is something he would like to continue as a resident.

Brendan chose RCH because of the amazing and supportive staff as well as the opportunities for hands-on learning. Most of all, however, it was the friendly vibe of the residents that made the decision easy.


Dr. Kate Eppler

Kate grew up in Kelowna, spending her days playing in the mountains and water. At a young age, she fell in love with cross-country skiing, dogs, and pharmacology. These loves have all stood the test of time. She moved to Edmonton to complete a BSc in Pharmacology at the University of Alberta, then headed south to attend medical school at the University of Calgary. While having enjoyed her time exploring the Rockies and the Royal Tyrell Museum, she is ready to return home to the West, aka best Coast, and its lack of country music.

Kate fell in love with EM in the first week of medical school and never looked back. She loves the undifferentiated patient and constant motion. Her academic interests include toxicology and harm reduction, evidence-based medicine, and resource stewardship.

Outside of medicine, Kate enjoys any form of outdoor adventure. She is passionate about spreading her love of Bill Nye and science. Most of her time is spent thinking of, talking about, and befriending any and all dogs.

Kate is excited to join the tight-knit, collegial RCH team and looks forward to 5 years filled with the high acuity and interesting medicine!

Dr. Ateshia York

Ateshia likes exploring and taking the scenic route and she held true to that in her journey to becoming an EM resident. Born and raised in rural BC Ateshia was homeschooled for the majority of her primary and secondary education. She came to Vancouver to celebrate Y2k and found that city life was way more exciting and decided to stay. She slept on couches and held countless jobs to support herself including working as a background extra for the movie industry, a production assistant for a touring rock-band, and bartending/serving in the majority of establishments on the Granville strip.  Realizing that she would eventually need a more stable career, Ateshia decided to get into healthcare through becoming a Registered Massage Therapist. She worked and taught as an RMT for a few years before becoming restless again and so she decided to start her undergraduate degree and her family. She completed a bachelor of health science and had a few children before applying to medical school. She was lucky enough to get accepted into UBC’s medical program but it wasn’t until her 3rd year that Ateshia did an Emergency Medicine rotation through RCH and found a specialty that she fell in love with. She finally committed to a career and knew that she wanted to compete her EM residency through UBC’s Fraser program. Through her various rotations and electives RCH had become like a second home to Ateshia and she wanted that tightknit family experience mixed with the unparalleled exposure to acuity that the hospital offers.

In her spare time not at the hospital or with her family (just kidding that never happens), Ateshia enjoys travelling, diving, kayaking, and skiing.