Royal Columbian Hospital and Eagle Ridge Hospital

Facts You May Not Know

  • The Fraser based UBC FRCPC EM Program has been running since July 2013, which means that we now have a full complement of 10 residents based in Fraser.  
  • RCH is located in New Westminster, which is only a 20 minute drive or 30 minute skytrain ride from downtown Vancouver. It is so convenient that most residents and EPs commute from all over the lower mainland.  
  • Some of our residents choose to live downtown, reaping all the benefits of city living, yet training at a hospital with far less competition for learning opportunities
  • We have access to most of the services you would expect to find at any other teaching centre, even though we are technically a community hospital. Some services (PICU, Burn Unit and Spinal Cord rehab) are located downtown, in the Coastal Health Region.  Our close proximity makes it easy to do rotations in the Coastal Health Region as needed.  
  • Don't let the "community hospital" designation fool you, though.  Royal Columbian Hospital sees fantastic pathology, augmented by the fact that we are the referral centre for most services within Fraser.  
  • Residents based at one UBC EM site are encouraged to do rotations at other sites, based on interest and availability.  Why not reap the benefits of seeing how EM (and related specialties) functions in different geographic locations?  This is one of the biggest benefits of our distribution - our residents can very easily move between sites to customize their learning experiences.  
  • Fraser residents are currently very integrated with the VGH resident group. At present, our residents go to VGH and St Paul’s hospitals for academic day, and the VGH residents come to RCH when we are hosting (monthly)
  • As you might expect, in an expanding program we realize that the exact distribution of learning events will likely evolve over the coming years
  • You will find the official (Carms) description of our program on our website.  There are additions resources, such as Carms Videos from past years and also other sites, which can give you a nice glimpse into what life as a resident here would be like.  
  • Although a separate CaRMS match and distributed site, the resident group from VGH and RCH are very integrated in their academic and social activities.