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Here is what our CEPA Group was up to at CAEP 2017

The Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians Conference, was held from June 3 - June 7, 2017 at the Whistler Conference Centre.  Here are some of the highlights from our group!  Way to go everyone.





Life Membership Award:

Congratulations Dr. Les Vertesi on receiving CAEP's Honourary Life Membership Award! Your CEPA family is very proud of you.


The Honourary Life Membership Award recognizes a CAEP member who has made outstanding contributions and dedicated service to emergency medicine in Canada.


Dr. Vertesi's continued contributions, including his work developing, championing and promoting the creation of the Advanced Life Support Paramedic training in British Columbia, have had a substantial impact in emergency medicine at the local, national and international level.


He is one of CAEP's founding members, joining his colleagues in 1978 to create the voice of EM in Canada.




  • "But Doctor, I am Allergic to Penicillin" - Dr. Tom Green
  • "Too Much or Too Little: The Lost Art of the Opening Pressure" - Dr. Justin Ahn
  • "Clearance of Pediatric C Spine in Trauma" - Dr. Joe Haegert

2017 Program & Schedule



Information from CAEP's website (from

  • Dr. Aaron Davison, Dr. Andrew MacPherson, Dr. Joe Haegert, Dr. Doug Brown, Dr. Joe Finkler,
    Dr. Jeffrey Eppler, Dr. Connie Leblanc, and Dr. Stuart Swadron

*Are Emergency Departments becoming glorified walk in clinics?  - Dr. Doug Brown debated Dr. Joe Finkler 


Modeled after the popular CBC radio show “The Debaters” where two individuals square off on current topics, “DebatED” will feature well known emergency physicians sharing their viewpoints about several issues that are relevant to the ED today.  Join us as we tackle burning issues like: “Should EPs wear standard uniforms?”, “Does a C-collar cause more harm than good?”, and “Should we have massage breaks during shifts?”

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about current topics and controversies in the EM literature
  • Understand and have more appreciation for several “hot” topics in emergency medicine


Track Chairs:



  • Table Top Exercise:  "Emergency Management Planning for Mass Gathering and Event Medicine: A Tabletop Exercise" - Dr. Adam Lund



  • Dr. Justin Ahn with the Team West Residents

























Other Great Things:


      CEPA Senior Resident Social at the Longhorn


UBC Residency Dinner (pictures by Wayne Choi)

















Mountain Biking


















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Certificate of Attendance

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Thank you for attending CAEP 2017: Peak of Excellence in beautiful Whistler, BC. You and your colleagues are strengthening the voice of emergency medicine and helping to improve patient care.

Your Certificate of Attendance is AVAILABLE HERE. Please add your name, save, and then print in ‘landscape’ mode.


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