Royal Columbian Hospital and Eagle Ridge Hospital

Herb Parkin Award - 1st Annual (2016)

We are very pleased to announce Dr. Anthony Bryson (R2) as our first annual winner of the Herb Parkin Award.  Anthony designed and taught the curriculum for pre-hospital ultrasound for BC Ambulance Critical Care Paramedics.  Currently the paramedics are being assessed for image acquisition, with the goal to have them use their skills to further advance pre-hospital care in British Columbia.

Here is a link so you can watch the video  of Dr. Caroline Tyson presenting the winner.


Here is a brief description of the other interesting projects submitted

Dr. Adam Thomas (R3) and Dr. Chris Lipp (R3)

"Our project is pure Free Open Access Medical Education in Emergency Medicine (FOAMed).  For residents, by residents, with over 2k listeners worldwide now."

Dr. Wesley Jang (R4)

"I had the opportunity to mirror the simulation education program Nikki and I created locally here at VGH and create a similar program in Nepal.  Currently, they are hosting weekly in-situ simulation sessions in Patan Hospital for all the physicians and house staff in an effort to improve patient care."

Dr. John Taylor (R3)

"John researched the need for vaccination programs in the ED and then helped to implement an influenza vaccination program at VGH.  He has also been involved in developing an emergency medicine trauma fellowship and prehospital cardiac arrest research."