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BC Children's Hospital Emergency Department Guidelines

The following resources are listed below for convenience and link to information found at the website

Anaphylaxis Guideline


Bronchial Foreign Bodies



Convulsive Status Epilepticus



Diabetic Ketoacidosis Protocol

Eating Disorders

Febrile Seizures in the Emergency Department

Fever Less than Two Months


Fluid Management in Hospitalized Children

Head Injury in the ER

Ingested Foreign Bodies in Children

Procedural Sedation

Sepsis Guidelines

Severe Malnutrition Guidelines

Urinary Tract Infection


The following information, i.e. guideline/educational material/policy or procedure, has been developed for use only within BC Children's Hospital (BC Children's) and Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children (Sunny Hill).  There are support systems at BC Children's and Sunny Hill that may not exist in other clinical settings, and therefore, any adoption of these materials cannot be the responsibility of BC Children's or Sunny Hill. Agencies other than BC Children's or Sunny Hill should use this information as a guideline for reference purposes only. All materials are the property of BC Children's and Sunny Hill and may only be reprinted in whole or in part with our expressed permission.