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Orthopedic Referral Process

Hope this stream-lines the previous phone wait times—patient discharge times.

After speaking to Dr Perey about ortho referrals:

  1. You’re welcome to phone them esp about problem cases or if you have a question about time frame for follow-up in the cast clinic
  2. However, for straight forward cases they’re happy to just have the patient sent to the cast clinic without a phone call
  3. Cast clinics run Tues through Fri am and the cast clinic ortho doc is virtually always the one who was on-call/in the OR the day before
  4. So if the patient needs to be seen the next day then send them to the RCH cast clinic for registration between 8—8:30 am. In this case please send the patient with a copy of the chart (and any other pertinent details)
  5. Dr Boyer is apparently currently looking for office space but is still involved heavily with VANOC until the latter part of Mar; when he is on-call it’s usually the wkend and for now you’ll have to continue to contact him about when he wishes to follow-up; again, please send with a copy of the chart
  6. If perchance someone is away the following wk then the ortho secretaries will trade the patient around with 1 of the other ortho docs if a consult was requested for that next wk
  7. PLEASE, in all cases, fax a copy of the chart to the ortho secretaries including CLEARLY when the patient needs to be seen (in the am/1 wk, 2 wks) and for the latter 2 time periods the patient needs to call the ortho secretary for a time
  8. It would truly help their billing purposes if your printed name and MSP# appeared somewhere on the chart