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Canadian Guideline for Chronic Non-Cancer Pain (CNCP)

Canadian physicians now have access to a comprehensive and current guideline that recommends the use of opioids to safely and effectively treat patients with chronic non-cancer pain.

The Canadian Guideline is a national, evidence-based guideline that provides 24 practice recommendations to assist physicians who are initiating opioid therapy, conducting an opioid trial and/or monitoring long-term opioid therapy. Practice tools and additional resources are also available to support opioid prescribing practices for this specific patient group.

Medical Regulatory boards across Canada, were involved in the development of the new guideline. The project was led by the National Opioid Use Guideline Group (NOUGG) and supported by a research team and a national advisory panel of pain specialists, family physicians, addiction experts, pharmacists, academics nurses and patient representatives.

The resulting guideline is not proposed as a policy or standard of practice. It is intended to give Canadian physicians guidance based on the best available information, research and consensus of opinion.

The initial guideline announcement was made by the Canadian Medical Association Journal today ( May 3, 2010) and the document is now being rolled out across the country.

The complete guideline is available in English from the Michael G. DeGroote National Pain Centre ( at McMaster University. French versions of the guideline will be posted as soon as possible.

We are pleased to share this important resource with you.

More information about the Guideline can be found on the College website: