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2010 CPR Guidelines

Implementation of Sepsis Initial Management Adult ED

Nitroglycerin Practice Guidelines

2010 CPR Guidelines

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The NEW official guidelines for CPR and ECC came out October 18, 2010 and include a change in the sequence of steps from ABC to CAB. Click the link below to review the "Highlights of the 2010 American Heart Association Guidelines for CPR and ECC" and the "2010 AHA Guidelines for CPR & ECC".




Implementation of Sepsis Initial Management Adult ED

The new pre-printed order set Sepsis Initial Management - Adult, Emergency Department will become available for use on June 22. The PPO will be added to Form Imprint and printed copies will be circulated to sites as applicable. The expectation will be for Departments to implement the Triage screening elements and the PPO by August 1.

Thank you to those who have participated in the development of this order set. The development team has incorporated the excellent feedback from CNEs, physicians and the Pharmacy Clinical Practice Leaders.

The intent of this PPO is to replace all ER sepsis screening/initial management order sets across FHA. A regionalised, harmonised Severe Sepsis/Septic Shock PPO is currently under development and will supplement the Initial Management set in the fall. The implementation of the Sepsis Initial Management PPO is meant to be part of a dynamic process where in the next few months we can fine tune the layout and content of the document as needed. Questions and ideas concerning the PPO can be communicated through the ER CNE, Pharmacist or Physician Chief by discipline as appropriate. Attached is a copy of the PPO as well as annotated version explaining some of its features.

New Nitroglycerin Practice Guidelines

Nitroglycerin infusions will be standardized to mcg/kg/min at all Fraser Health sites.  The decision has been made by the Cardiac Program and is supported by the Critical Care Program.