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Lab Tests to be Sent Out At ERH

Some tests are sent out to RCH for processing. Although they are available 24/7 to get them over to RCH requires a cab. If you require any of these tests immediately please write STAT on the order. Otherwise they will be cabbed out in the morning or with the next batch of STAT bloodwork. The relevant tests are;

  • Ammonia
  • BNP
  • Tegretol
  • CRP
  • Digoxin
  • Fetal Fibronectin
  • Lithium
  • Dilantin
  • Tehophylline
  • Valproate
  • Malaria confirmation
  • All Microbiology (including gram stain)

While signed onto the FHA intranet you can follow the below link for more information. http://fhpulse/clinical_support_services/laboratory/Documents/Quality%20Manual/Quality%20Procedures%20and%20Forms/QPM0703F1%20%2024%207%20Test%20Menu%20for%20Clinical.pdf

Oral Contrast for CT Abdomen (from Dr. Ken Wong)
The giving of oral contrast is variable from rad to rad. Some like it and some don't depending on the case. Our group consensus for oral contrast is as follows: Positive oral contrast (Telebrix) should be given to patients for the following reasons:

1. ?abscess: to help differentiate fluid in bowel and outside of bowel

2. ?perforation: extravasation of oral contrast into the peritoneum identified a perforation of bowel

3. ?bowel obstruction: contrast in the rectum essentially rules out a high grade bowel obstruction, may help identify transition point

4. ?appendicitis: particularly in thin patients

Otherwise it never hurts to give water if possible. I will say that this is the general consensus but each invidual rad may have their own opinion. By all means if the ER doc is talking to the rad about the case and they don't want or want oral contrast then have the patient follow these instructions but for sake of clarity this is the general consensus and don't worry too much what each individual rad wants if you don't get instructions.