Royal Columbian Hospital and Eagle Ridge Hospital

Mass Gathering Medicine Registry

The purpose of this study is to collect data for a patient registry to allow us to better understand the medical needs at mass gathering events in British Columbia. By recording information about both the event itself and all patients requiring medical aid, it is hoped that we might better predict and understand the needs of future events.

Principal Investigator:
Adam Lund, BSc, MD, MDE, FRCPC (Emergency), Clinical Assistant Professor

Samuel J. Gutman, BSc, MD, CCFP-EM, Clinical Associate Professor, UBC
Amy Louis, BSc, MD, R4 (Emergency), UBC
Rob Stenstrom, MD, PhD, CCFP-EM, Clinical Associate Professor, UBC

The MGM Online Registry Project began following the successful implementation of a complex medical response for the Pemberton Music Festival in the summer of 2008. The need for planning was paramount, as some aspects of the event were high risk, and it was hosted in a community that was more rural than similar events. As such, the medical infrastructure for that event was beyond the capacity of the city’s usual emergency response planning. Team members involved in this, many of whom had decades of experience with other MGM events, began to discuss the possibility of approaching MGM response planning in a more rigorous, scholarly fashion. Most of the MGM literature is based in expert opinion at best, and we wanted to find a way of elevating the level of evidence available for MGM scholars. We realized that without a comprehensive understanding of the population of EVENTS and the population of PATIENTS presenting at these events, we’d be speculating on many recommendations that we would consider. From this, the MGM Registry was born.