Royal Columbian Hospital and Eagle Ridge Hospital

Lower Limb Trauma and Development of Persistent Pain

The purpose of this study is determine levels of persistent pain in lower limb injuries. Researchers will collect data from lower-limb below-knee injury victims who require surgical repair and have participants assess their pain level and pain experience at various stages from admission to discharge to months post injury.

Principal Investigator:


Melanie Allen, RN


The minimum age for all participants is 19 years and they must be able to speak, read and write in English. Along with the different stages, participants will also be asked questions regarding pain, anxiety, depression and catastrophization. Emergency room staff will the first to come in contact with the patients, which has them assessing whether or not incoming patients will be eligible for this study. Initial contact forms and permission to contact forms are filled by the patient. This allows the research team to contact the candidate.

This study will occur from June 2012 until approximately 2013.

Orthopedic Pain Study - Lower Limb Trauma and Development of Persistent Pain