Royal Columbian Hospital and Eagle Ridge Hospital

Injured Drivers Study

The primary objective of this study is to determine whether injured drivers who used cannabis before a motor vehicle crash are more likely to have caused the crashthan those who did not. Our aim is to improve traffic safety by providing current North American data that can be used to inform the development of evidence based road safety policy targeting people who drive while impaired by cannabis.

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Injured Driver Study Update (May 23, 2012)....

Congratulations Shannon for winning a $25 gift VISA (April's Draw)

It is easy to enter the draw!! For each injured driver that comes into the Emergency Department, simply place the patients sticky label to the bottom of the Green Reminder Sheet that can be found in the Trauma Packs. CIRCLE whether or not they were the driver of the vehicle. Then write your name on the ballot on the left, lower side. Lastly, put the Green Reminder Sheet in the study In-Box that is attached to the red trauma cart.

RCH Nursing Education Day

Lunch & Learn (January 17, 2012)

Feature presentation highlighting research in the Emergency Department


Speaker: Kerrie Lewis

Title: Research in the Emergency Department: Emergency Room Nurses' Education Day