Royal Columbian Hospital and Eagle Ridge Hospital

FHA Study: Assessment of CTA Usage to Diagnose Pulmonary Embolism

Click on the link to generate code for CT requisition:




This research project aims to assess the utilization and yield of CTA for the diagnosis of PE. The current positive CT rates at RCH and ERH are 6.9% and 10% respectively. Based on a review of the literature, and consideration of the risks/benefits of CTA, it has been suggested that a 10% positive yield for PE would be reasonable
 1) Please use the program above written by Dr Dhanoa to enter the results of the Wells criteria and a D-dimer for each patient for who you would like to order a CTA looking for a PE.

2) This program will generate a code which should be written on the CT requisition form.

3) The Unit Clerk will enter this code into Meditech when they enter the CT.

You do not need to speak to the radiologist to order the CT, you can continue to fill out the requisition forms that are currently in place.