Royal Columbian Hospital and Eagle Ridge Hospital

Digital Photography IVT

The purpose of this research study is to find out if the use of digital photography as an assessment tool in patients receiving intravenous antibiotics for various skin infections helps the doctors in making decisions about continuing or discontinuing intravenous treatment.

In current practice when you come in to get an assessment for your infection, the doctor documents the status of the infection by writing and drawing in the chart and sometimes drawing lines on your skin at the edge of the infected area. You are being invited to participate in a study where digital photography is added as a way of documenting your skin or soft-tissue infection. This may result in improved decision-making by the next doctor to examine you, leading to fewer doses of intravenous medication, and improved patient, nurse and doctor satisfaction.

Principal Investigator:

Adam Lund, BSc, MDE, MD, FRCPC (Emergency)

Dan Joo, BSc, MD, CCFP (R2)
Anton Grunfeld, MD, FRCPC (Emergency)
Yasemin Arikan, MD, FRCPC (Internal Medicine, Infectious Diseases)

Support Staff:

Nicole, RN (ERH)
Fonda Charters, RN (ERH)
Mathilda Vandermey, Unit Clerk (RCH)
Win Nguyen, RN (RCH)
Johan Lee, RN (RCH)
Shana Lund, Administrative Support
Kerrie Lewis, Research Assistant

This project has currently wrapped up and we have submitted a manuscript of our findings to the Canadian Journal of Emergency Medicine.

Check out some of our posters and presentations during our study period.