Royal Columbian Hospital and Eagle Ridge Hospital

Canadian Assessment of Tomography for Childhood Head Injury (CATCH)

This is a retrospective chart review aiming to determine the percentage of children presenting to community emergency departments in Canada with minor head injuries and the CT scan rate, as defined by the CATCH decision rule.


  • Dr. Martin Osmond (Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario)


  • Dr. Janet Curran (Dalhousie University)
  • Dr. Jeremy Grimshaw (Ottawa Hospital Research Institute)
  • Dr. Terry Klassen (University of Manitoba)
  • Dr. Monica Taljaard (Ottawa Hospital Research Institute)
  • Dr. Sarah Reid (Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario)
  • Dr. Robert Porter (Memorial University)
  • Dr. Quynh Doan (University of British Columbia)
  • Dr. Ahmed Mater (University of Saskatchewan)
  • Dr. James Stempien (Royal University Hospital)

The aim of this retrospective chart review is to assess the CT scan rates of pediatric patients that would have been included in the CATCH criteria presenting to eight community EDs in Canada. Royal Columbian Hospital, Eagle Ridge Hospital, and Surrey Memorial Hospital are participating in this multi-centre study. These rates will allow us to determine the feasibility of conducting a full cluster randomized controlled trial (RCT) for evaluation of the CATCH decision rule at community EDs throughout Canada.