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The sidebar lists the Projects that we have on the go in various stages of proposal through to completion. For simplicity, they are listed alphabetically.

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Alternate Communication for Medical Teams at Events with High Ambient Noise

The Mass Gathering Medicine Interest Group, affiliated with the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of British Columbia, is currently conducting a research project studying the use of alternate means of communication at mass gathering events with high ambient noise (HAN).

Biomarker Lactate Assessment of Shock in Trauma - BLAST

The primary aim of the BLAST study is to compare prehospital lactate levels to systolic blood pressure less than or equal to 90mmHg in ability to predict the need for resuscitative care to treat shock caused by hemorrhage following traumatic injury.

British Columbia's Pay-for-Performance Experiment: Part of the Solution to Reduce Emergency Department Crowding?

The purpose of this study is to analyze whether funding policies based on ED wait times are associated with decreases in ED transit times and ED length of stay.

Canadian Assessment of Tomography for Childhood Head Injury (CATCH)

This is a retrospective chart review aiming to determine the percentage of children presenting to community emergency departments in Canada with minor head injuries and the CT scan rate, as defined by the CATCH decision rule.

CIHR Spinal Cord Injury Research

Improving Cardiovascular Health for Canadians Living With Spinal Cord Injuries: Effects of Exercise and Targeted Education. A CIHR team grant for Chronic Disease Risk and Intervention Strategies has been awarded for this study for the next 5 years.

Digital Photography IVT

The purpose of this research study is to find out if the use of digital photography as an assessment tool in patients receiving intravenous antibiotics for various skin infections helps the doctors in making decisions about continuing or discontinuing intravenous treatment.

Door to ECG

This study is being conducted to determine if having an ECG performed on patients presenting to the emergency department (ED) with symptoms suggestive of ischemic chest pain at triage could reduce arrival to ECG time and arrival to treatment (door to balloon) time.

ED Ultrasound for Lower Extremity DVT

We are conducting this Emergency Department study to determine the sensitivity & specificity of US performed by ED physicians & residents compared to formal US for DVT in hopes of improving patients' hospital experience while maintaining quality of care.

EMS - Curriculae

Joseph Ip, UBC Department of Emergency Medicine Prehospital Care Education Director
EMS Fellowship/Graduate/Undergraduate Curricula

FHA Study: Assessment of CTA Usage to Diagnose Pulmonary Embolism

Click on the link to generate code for CT requisition:

Hypotensive Resuscitation in Patients with Hemorrhagic Shock After Trauma

The ROC team has initiated a new research project in the ED to determine the feasibility and safety of hypotensive resuscitation for the early resuscitation of patients with traumatic shock compared to standard fluid resuscitation.

Injured Drivers Study

The primary objective of this study is to determine whether injured drivers who used cannabis before a motor vehicle crash are more likely to have caused the crashthan those who did not. Our aim is to improve traffic safety by providing current North American data that can be used to inform the development of evidence based road safety policy targeting people who drive while impaired by cannabis.

Lower Limb Trauma and Development of Persistent Pain

The purpose of this study is determine levels of persistent pain in lower limb injuries. Researchers will collect data from lower-limb below-knee injury victims who require surgical repair and have participants assess their pain level and pain experience at various stages from admission to discharge to months post injury.

Mass Gathering Medicine Elective

Since 2008, residents have been participating as physicians with the medical teams for numerous events. A formal application was made to the residency program directors to participate and that application was approved.

Mass Gathering Medicine Registry

The purpose of this study is to collect data for a patient registry to allow us to better understand the medical needs at mass gathering events in British Columbia. By recording information about both the event itself and all patients requiring medical aid, it is hoped that we might better predict and understand the needs of future events.

Medical Photography Elective

Although this elective is an academic project by our group members, it is best described in the Education >> Rotations and Electives section of our web site. Click here to visit our Photography Elective description.

Nurse Initiated X-ray Orders

This is a prospective qualitative study examining the accuracy of the newly implemented nurse initiated x-ray orders for isolated extremity injuries presenting to Royal Columbian Hospital and Eagle Ridge Hospital Emergency Departments.

Online Learner Evaluations

We plan to create an online evaluation system that is linked by e-mail prompts that is customized for EM. We will look at CanMeds principles, and evaluate learners, preceptors, and the rotation as a whole.

RCH Online

Royal Columbian Hospital / Eagle Ridge Hospital Website
Kelly Kasteel
Adam Lund

Now is the time to build it up, train everyoneup on how to contribute directly to the site and make it great. Team collaboration will be the key to success going forward.

Suture Self-Removal By Patients

The use of non-absorbable sutures for lacerations in the ED is common. Providing the patients with the necessary equipment and knowledge regarding self- removal of sutures may enable some patients to remove their own sutures at home.

Vancouver International Marathon Case Series

Our study aims to assess the level of medical preparedness required to provide pre-hospital care at long distance running events such as the Vancouver International Marathon.

World Police & Fire Games Paper

This project is completed and has been published in Prehospital and Disaster Medicine. Drs. Adam Lund, Sam Gutman and Sheila Turris have been collaborators on this initiative. Visit the 2011 Publications section to access this article.