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Injured Driver Study Update (January 17, 2012)

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The Injured Driver's study continues to enroll patients smoothly. So far, we have 14 complete samples (blood has been collected and a chart review has been done) ready to send to the Provincial Lab who will be analyzing them for THC levels.

On January 17, 2012 the Injured Driver's study hosted a Lunch & Learn for the nurses of the Emergency Department. The presentation can be viewed for anyone who missed it at: It was a great success and our speaker, Kerrie, felt very welcomed by the group. She especially liked the potential research topics the nurses had.

The Lab continues to be very supportive of our study and has collecting our samples down to an art. During one especially busy week when our research assistant couldn't always make it in each day, the lab still had samples available.

We would also like to acknowledge the great work the Records Department does and give them a big thanks for always letting us know when our charts are available...especially the ones that we accidentally miss on the shelf. Your team is always very friendly when we come in and they always have our charts pulled quickly.


Study Exclusion Criteria

  • Motorcycles
  • Non-drivers
  • Time from crash to ER is > 4 hours


If anyone else is interested in participating in any of our research projects or if you have a study idea, don't be shy, email Kerrie at